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Since its inception, the Spragley Group, LLC has been providing assistance to small and medium sized non-profit organizations.  Our research has informed us that many of the services needed by these organizations are not affordable.  We have created a framework whereby individuals, and small organizations, can afford these services.  

About us

Mission Statement: Provide resource and research support to non-profits and advocacy organizations that assist needy and underserved populations.

The Spragley Group, LLC, provides services which support non-profits and advocacy organizations that work on behalf of needy populations.  Examples of entities receiving services from The Spragley Group, LLC include: Public and Private Schools; Foundations; 501 ( c ) (3)s; Churches ;PTAs; Unions; 501 ( c ) (6)s; organizations supporting needy children; educators; state and national government employee agencies supporting needy populations.

Business Philosophy: The Spragley Group, LLC  maintains a philosophy structured to create clarity of goals, program efficiency and sustainability, and congruity between service receivers and leadership for non-profit and advocacy organizations.  The Spragley Group, LLC also aims to create a relationship of trustworthiness between itself and the organizations it serves.

Company Strengths and Core Competencies:

The background of the individuals who work within The Spragley Group, LLC are what make the company successful and poised for current and future success.  The owner of the company has 11 years of experience working for advocacy organizations, with 9 of those years in the capacity of Executive Director and Associate Executive Director of small and large non-profit organizations.  He also has numerous corporate relationships in the non-profit and for-profit arenas, the public school system, and the advocacy community.  Dr. Spragley is an Army veteran who served in the U.S. Army for 3 years and served in the Army National Guard for 4 years.  Dr. Spragley was a public school classroom teacher for six years where he taught technology, social studies, wrote curriculum, and was the director of an after-school program where he interfaced with legislative officials.

Other individuals who work for The Spragley Group, LLC have skill sets and competencies that enhance and personalize the work conducted with respective clients. With well over 75 years of combined staff experience working with non-profits and advocacy groups in the areas of organizing, survey research, grant-writing, and program implementation and evaluation, the scope and sequence of the companies’ work makes the relationship with the client very practical and real-world.  The Spragley Group, LLC also contracts with other researchers and individuals who have worked in the non-profit and advocacy industry. By default of the people who work with and for The Spragley Group, LLC, numerous corporate relationships exist that are used by the company to expand its client base and maintain professional relationships.

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  • Program Evaluation
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  • Survey Research
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Program Evaluation

Phone: 919-649-3680

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grant-writing support

The Spragley Group, LLC is structured to provide survey research services to clients via electronic or traditional means.  We also conduct focus groups for clients who want feedback in real-time.

survey research

The Spragley Group, LLC uses surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observation to conduct a comprehensive program analysis.

Business Consulting


We provide a variety of grant support services to small and medium sized non-profits.  Services range from grant research to grant writing to grant management. 

Many individuals, or groups, do not know how to set up a non-profit. At the Spragley Group, LLC, we work with the client to complete state and federal paperwork.  We also insure for accuracy by requiring attorney review of all documents.